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A-G Requirements

Graduation Requirements include what the California universities call A-G. All LAUSD students are expected to become college and career ready.  All NAHS students have access to a rigorous curriculum that meets both UC/CSU A-G subject requirements in addition to the California's high school graduation requirements. 
Required courses*:
3 years of English for California, +1 year for A-G            
-Senior year may or may not include elective English option
2 years of Mathematics, +1 year for A-G (4th year is recommended for A-G)             
-required courses: Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Geometry
2 years of Social Sciences for A-G, +1 year for California             
-required courses: World History, US History, Government & Economics (combined year)
2 years of Natural Sciences (3rd year recommended for A-G)              
-one year of life science: Biology meets requirement              
-one year of physical science: Interactions, Physics or Chemistry meets requirement              
-additional year options: Environmental Science, Physiology
1 year of Visual or Performing Arts per A-G              
-course options: Drawing, Calligraphy, Painting, Conceptual Design (Video)
2 years of World Languages per A-G              
-Spanish courses are offered at Northridge Academy, including AP
2 years minimum of Physical Education per California              
-plus completion of Fitnessgram test
*AP versions of courses may substitute.