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ELAC Meeting Featured Photo

ELAC Meeting

New date -February 15 (changed from January 31)
Spring Semester Tutoring Options Featured Photo

Spring Semester Tutoring Options

Credit Recovery starts Saturday, January 14
Tutoring starts Monday, January 23
Saturday School Tutoring starts Saturday, February 11

Upcoming Events


Time: 1:13 PM – 1:43 PM
Location: Outside of College Office during nutriton & Lunch

Our Vision & Mission Statement

Vision Statement (Where we want to be)
We envision a school where all students value learning and demonstrate integrity, an innovative community recognized for its exceptional academic achievement.
Mission Statement (How we get there)
We are a small high school community in a unique partnership with California State University, Northridge. Our mission is to inspire, support, and expect our students to achieve their fullest potential as learners and productive citizens.