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The Library Program

The NAHS Collection and Space

 The NAHS Library is located on the 4th Floor (Room 413) and has a large commons area with tables, popular with students to study or sit and read during class breaks. The library has over 13,000 titles and serves 1000+ students and staff.  The collection is divided up into four areas, designated by color, (see maps link). Our fiction collection, on the wall surrounding the interior, is sorted by genre.  Yes, we still have magazines and films, though many school libraries do not.

Inclusive Library

The Identity Central collection, which faces the commons area provides a clear inclusiveness to the collection, letting our students know that all communities are represented.  Our collection celebrates the diversity of our student body with books for the various community-based ethnic, sexual, and faith oriented identities.

Library Leadership Program

Unique to NAHS are the Library Leadership classes where students help maintain the Library as a simulation for running a business. Students help promote and select books, run events and keep the collections organized and clean, while learning how an organization (business) operates.