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Prospective Students Information

Students whose home high school is Cleveland, Granada Hills Charter, Kennedy or Monroe are eligible to apply.

A unique application process was developed and implemented to ensure equitable access to our school by students who would otherwise, in most cases, articulate from their middle schools to an overcrowded high school. Every year, during the application window (posted above), we receive an overwhelming response from the communities we serve, a random drawing process is used to select students once a year. Our applicants are accepted with the following percentages: Cleveland 40%, Monroe 30%, Granada 15%, Kennedy 15%.

Check eligibility anytime- Interested students can confirm they live in our attendance area by using the

LAUSD SchoolFinder.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Our Application wasn't received in mail?

It is possible that you may live in our attendance area yet not receive an application due to inaccurate records or postal delivery issues. In addition, it should be noted that applications are not mailed to the homes of current 8th graders attending a charter or private school. However, these students are still welcome to submit an application.

If for some reason you do not receive an application but you do reside in the NAHS attendance area, applications are also available online in English and Spanish. Applications are also available in the Main Office and on this menu.

2. Is there a Lottery for enrollment?

NAHS traditionally receives more applications from students than we can accept. Thus, we utilize a random lottery drawing to determine which students are accepted for enrollment. After all spots are filled, we continue to draw names in order to place students on our waiting list.

3. Is NAHS a public school?

Yes, NAHS is part of LAUSD, local district 1. However, we are unique in that our school was developed through a special partnership with Cal State University, Northridge. For field-trip purposes, the entire CSUN campus is considered to be an extension of NAHS, and no trip slips are required for students to access CSUN facilities and resources during the school day.


4. Is NAHS a Magnet School?

No, NAHS is a regular high school. Since our school is not part of the LAUSD Magnet Program, students are not entitled to transportation and must live in the specified attendance areas (see above) in the surrounding neighborhoods.