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Program Coordinators

Library/Media Center, Tel: (818) 700-2241- Steven Kent is the Librarian and the Webmaster. Please visit the NAHS Library website.  The Library is in room 413. Email: sak7063@lausd.net

Parent Center, Tel (818) 700-2261 - Raquel Avila is the Parent Center Director. Johanna Hernandez is the Parent and Community Rep. Please visit the Parent Center web page. The Parent Center is located right behind the Fitness Center, behind the Gym, right off the quad. Emails: raquel.avila@lausd.net and j.hernandez34@lausd.net

Athletic Director, Tel: (818) 700-2276 -Alex Posser de Andrade coordinates the Athletic program. His office is off the Main Office, next to the Principal's Office. Email: axp9906@lausd.net

EL Coordinator, Tel: (818) 700-2226 -Steve Austin coordinates the English Learners program. His office is next to the counselors. Email: saustin@lausd.net

Testing Coordinator -Jason Black, one of our English teachers, oversees mandated District and State testing. Email: jab0318@lausd.net.

New Teacher Advisor -Rene Shufelt is is a retired NAHS teacher serving as a part-time advisor for new teachers. Email: shufelt@lausd.net

WASC Coordinator -Jeanie Mortensen is a retired NAHS teacher/coordinator taking the lead on our WASC Review this year in a part-time capacity. Email: jxm9981@lausd.net