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Program Coordinators

EL Coordinator, Tel: (818) 700-2226 - Steve Austin coordinates the English Learners program. His office is in the main office. Email: [email protected]

Title 1 and Social Media Coordinator - Tel: (818) 700-2276 - Jason Black is the Title I Coordinator who ensures that all students have equitable access to instructional technology and materials.  Title I can also provide academic enrichment programs afterschool and on selected Saturdays.  Mr. Black is also in charge of our school's Instagram (@nahs_ig) and Twitter accounts (@nahs_official).  He can be found in the main office. Email: [email protected].

Instructional Intervention Coordinator  - Maricela Sandoval. Her office is in the main office. Email: [email protected]

New Teacher Advisor - Rene Shufelt. Her office is in the main office. Email: [email protected]

Library/Media Center, Tel: (818) 700-2241 - Steven Kent is the Librarian and the Webmaster. Please visit the Library page.  The Library is in room 413. Email: [email protected]


Athletic Director, Tel: (818) 700-2276 - Alex Posser de Andrade coordinates the Athletic program. His office is cross from the Health Office, from the hallway towards Counseling. Email: [email protected]


The Adaptive P.E. Teacher is Julie Warren.  Email: [email protected]

All program coordinators are credentialed teachers, but have roles outside of the regular classroom.