Home Covid Testing Required after Fall Break

Using one of the two tests provided to you, conduct the baseline test on November 26 or 27, prior to returning to school on November 28. Take a picture of your results lying on a page of paper.  On the paper, write your name and date of birth, date test was taken, with the word POSITIVE or NEGATIVE.  If test result is positive, then upload picture to the daily pass and do not come to school. If negative, save the photo in your phone.
If you are positive, stay home for five days.  After five days, if you test negative return to school.  If still positive, stay home until you test negative within five more days. After 10th day you may return regardless of result. If you return at any point still positive, it is recommended that you wear a mask until negative.  If you tested positive at first, it is also recommended that you wear a mask for ten days even if now negative.