Puma Hearts are Broken

Dear Los Angeles Unified Family,


Our hearts are with the victims of yesterday’s school shooting in Uvalde,Texas. There are no words to express the pain, sadness and anger so many of us are feeling at this time. With heavy hearts, we join the families in mourning over the senselessness of losing their children and family members. May they have the strength and resilience to endure this unacceptable tragedy.


Families, it is difficult but necessary to talk to your children about this devastating massacre. Please consider the following suggestions:


  • Have conversations with your children about any worries and concerns they may have as a first step to help them feel safe and begin to cope with tragic or disturbing events.
  • Check in with your children and monitor for any signs of fear or stress.
  • Monitor conversations. Children may overhear conversations and could “fill in the gaps,” which can lead to further stress.
  • Be present for your children. Provide extra time, attention and patience (an extra hug or a few encouraging words will go a long way).
  • Seek professional help if you or your children are feeling overwhelmed.


The social-emotional well-being of our school communities is a top priority and we understand that everyone utilizes different coping strategies. For those needing assistance or support in dealing with this crisis, we have school counselors ready to help and support our children and employees. For more information, please call (213) 241-3840.


As a nation, we must continue to speak up against gun violence. We have a moral and professional obligation to ensure a perimeter of inviolable safety around schools. Enough is enough. We must keep our school communities safe and continue to support our students, employees and families. 




Alberto M. Carvalho


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