Student Orientations

Posted by NIDIA CASTRO on 8/2/2019 1:00:00 PM

Hello Pumas!

I hope you are looking forward to an exciting new year!  Our Faculty, Staff, and Student Leadership have made plans to make this a wonderful year for you. Classes will begin on Tuesday, August 20, 2019. 

This school year, our staff will continue to emphasize learning at high levels, and willexpect all of you to earn good grades, maintain excellent attendance and show positive behavior both at school and the community.  

Plan to attend your specific grade orientation so you can be ready to satrt on the first day of school. The student orientation dates are:


August 13, 2019          9:00AM          12th grade                                         MPR

August 14, 2019          9:00AM          11th grade                                         MPR

August 15, 2019          9:00AM          10th grade                                         MPR

                                  5:00PM          9th grade parent meeting                    MPR

August 16, 2019          8:00AM          9th grade- Lincrew orientation             GYM

                                  12:00PM        9th grade BBQ

                                   1:00PM         9th grade orientation


Looking forward to seeing you.