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Mr. Kent, Librarian

About the Library

  • The NAHS Library is located on the 4th Floor. The computer lab has 20 Windows computers for students to use or whole classes to reserve. There are three computers in the commons area for students to use the digital catalog (Destiny) to find books and materials or to print. There is also a large commons area with tables, popular with students to study or sit and read during class breaks.

    The library has over 11,000 titles and serves 1,113 students and staff.  The collection is divided up into SIX AREAS:

    Fiction -which runs along the wall. All fiction books are in alpha order by the author's last name; soon to be divided up by genre. Popular authors and graphic novels fill the bottom rows. 

    General Circulation (Non-Fiction) -includes informational and educational books, reference books and encylopedias, poetry, and plays.  Housed in the middle stacks (A-E), it is the largest area of the collection. Sets or series with many volumes fill the bottom rows. The Dewey Decimal coding system is used to locate books in this area.

    Graduation Pathways -is a special aisle in the middle stacks (non-fiction) that houses all the college and career books.

    Identity Central -is a new, developing display area next to the commons area that promotes and celebrates the diversity of the student community, recognizing all the various ethnic, faith-based, and gender identities of our high school youth.

    Oversized Books -sit on top of the fiction cabinets in the commons areas for all the students to enjoy, but not check out.  These are so called "coffee table books" for the most part.

    Recorded Media -includes DVDs and CDs of movies, instructional videos, and audio books. They are behind the circulation desk and require the Librarian's assistance. 

    Mr. Kent is the new Librarian, starting in November 2018. He will be full-time starting next school year.  See "Services" for his current hours.