Our Collection and Space

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  • At right and below:   Messages to all that enter and leave the NAHS Library.

  • The NAHS Library is located on the 4th Floor. The computer lab has 20 Windows computers for students to use or whole classes to reserve. There are three computers in the commons area for students to use the digital catalog (Destiny) to find books and materials or to print. There is also a large commons area with tables, popular with students to study or sit and read during class breaks.

    The library has over 12,000 titles and serves 1000+ students and staff.  The collection is divided up into four areas, designated by color, (see maps link) including Identity Central -a new set of sections facing the commons area. It provides a clear inclusiveness to the collection, letting our students know that all communities are represented.

    Our fiction area has recently been sorted by genre (see genre indexes link) and, yes, we still have magazines, though many school libraries do not.

    Future plans include expanding the biography and film sections, depending upon the needs of the school.

    The library is open daily this year, 7:30am - 3:30pm.  LAUSD schools now have full time librarians -a win from last year's teachers' strike.