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Ha's Partnership

Mr. Ha and CSUN Professor Maria Turnmeyer partner up to feed the souls of their students


 CSUN student teacher Mr. Joevin Ha has teamed up with his longtime mentor CSUN Professor Maria Turnmeyer of the Asian American Studies department to thematically focus on the historical and cultural impact of food on their students. Professor Turnmeyer's course emphasizes the process of writing and her students are developing personal narratives on how food impacts their lives. The CSUN students will also write a cookbook full of recipes that are culturally important to them. Mr. Ha has used the influence of artist Dean Suh, Ms. Turnmeyer's husband, to have his Northridge Academy High School painting students to consider what they consider "edible and inedible" to create a composition in the style of Suh. All the work of both classes will culminate in a Cookbook Reception and Student Gallery Exhibition at the CSUN Asian American Studies Activities Center on Saturday, April 27th at 10 am. All the NAHS painting students and their parents are invited to join the festivities and see the artwork and cookbooks on display. Bon Appetite!