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Schedules Summary

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Northridge Academy's daily bell schedule is on a rotating block with odd periods one day and evens the next.  Advisory homeroom is daily and longer on Mondays. This means that some weeks will have more odds than evens and some more evens than odds.  The schedule resumes where it left off after weekends, breaks and holidays (noted on the Schoology calendar). Some Mondays are shorter so that the faculty can have professional development meetings.
The spring semester is longer than the fall semester. The last week of each semester is finals week and mostly minimum days. They are available on the Alternate Schedules.
This year the District has introduced "Acceleration Days" which are optional.  See the District link at the right for more info about them.  The schedule for them changed in October, resulting in revisions to both the Fall and Spring schedules.  They are still on the calendar but not during the regular instructional times.