• Returning Textbooks (and Novels)

    Textbooks (which include assigned novels in English classes) are housed in the main office and distributed by them.

    You can check to see what books (both textbooks and library) you have assigned to you on your phone, by going to Destiny and logging in.  See the link below for the login and instructions.

    Lost textbooks:  Call the office and find out the replacement cost.  You can pay this amount or order the exact book from a provider (like Amazon or Barnes and Noble, etc.).   You will need the ISBN number from the book to insure that it is the same; ask the office for that number if you are considering finding one.

    Lost novels:   The same goes for novels.  You will need the ISBN to get it.  Otherwise, the replacement cost is a flat $20 no matter the novel.

    Destiny Login and Instructions

    Library books: See the policy here. At the bottom of the page, download the PDF.  It is very similar.  Lost fiction books are $25; non-fiction $35; Manga $15.

     $ Payments must be in cash.  Exact amounts are preferred. Please have cash in a labeled envelope.