• Athletic Packet


    Please download and print all of following forms single sided. You must have every form completed and turned in order to participate. Again, please be sure to print the forms out single sided (print out on only one side of paper, not double sided).

    2019 - 2020 Athletic Packets

    English Athletic Packet

    Spanish Athletic Packet


    Page 1: LAUSD Pre-Participation Physical Exam Forms ( Needs Signature)

    Page 2: Physical Exam Form  (Must be completed by a Medical Practicitioner)

    Page 3: Athlete's Eligibility Information and Parent's Consent (Needs Signature)

    Page 4: Eligibility for Participation in Extra Curricular Activities (Needs Signature)

    Page 5: Acknowledgement of Risk and Informed Consent (Needs Signature)

    Page 6: Athlete's CIF Code of Conduct (Needs Signature)

    Page 7: CIF Steroid Prohibition Use Form (Needs Signature)

    Page 8 and 9: Two (2) Copies of the Emergency Cards (Needs Signature)

    Page 10: Athletic Eligibility Transfer Rule Form (Needs Signature)

    Page 11: English Concussion Information Sheet (Parent Keeps)

    Page 12: English Concussion Information Sheet (Needs Signature)

    Page 13: Copy of Immunization Record

    Page 14: Photocopy of Insurance Card (You must have insurance to participate in a sport).

    Page 15: Copy of 9th Grade Spring Report Card (9th Graders Only)

    Page 16: Bullying/Hazing form (required)

    Page 17: Media release form (required)

    Page 18: Sudden Cardia Arrest (signature required).